We are sure that being in a team is the best one because exchanging ideas means that we can generate super ideas, enhance the opportunity to express the talent, encourage creativity and increase gratification because each one has a feeling that they belong to a group. Then, if the project is humanitarian and international as WE ARE THE CHILDREN, the happiness of every team member is larger, especially when you reach your goal.

We felt deep emotions when little Ada drew up those funny puppets and we understood that they could be a great symbol in communicating with children and adults of all ages; also when we entered schools and pupils couldn't wait to give us the donations that they had fondly packed for the African children; following our carefully organised collection of all the donations, the departure, the meeting and the workshop with the children at the Accra orphanage too. Everything we have realised has given us the proof that teamwork makes you happier, because sharing emotions helps us to live better.

Today we're going to organise the second step of the project, and we will enter ten schools in the province of Brindisi, after that we will depart for Kenya. Our team is fantastic and it would be happier if you join us. How?



The project includes different steps and different needs. For example, before the departure for Kenya:

- we are seeking a large storage place to hold the donations until we'll be able to pack and ship them in Kenya;

- we also need a collaborator available to collect the donations from the schools and have them transported to the storage;

- we are looking for agents that may find a sponsor in helping to pay for the costs of the project (the individual will have their costs paid for by the chiarity ).



We should not forget how wonderful it was to collaborate with souch generous people during the previous projects. For example the excellent Giacomo Laria, the sound engineer that helped the Tarantula Rubra Ensemble and for the concerts during the project of Jesce Fore; the precious availability of Giovanni Ciriaco and Davide Torrente who provided us with tambourines which were very useful for our workshops in jail; the heart full attendance of all the amazing artists who supported the project. Also we can't forget about the valuable collaboration with ExFadda, the urban laboratory of S. Vito dei Normanni, during the first step of WE ARE THE CHILDREN.

As soon as we come back from Kenya, we will organise the twinning between the Italian and Kenyan musicians and our new workshops with the Italian children.



Any money donations will obviously be a precious to us in realising and living this dream we are living together with about 5,000 Italian children and about 200 African children living in the orphanages of which we will visit in Nairobi and Nanyuki (mostly orphans, whom have been abandoned, abused and are HIV-postive).

Dream with us! Ours happiness and theirs will be yours too! This is a promise as well as a certainty.

Please, visit our page where you daily may see daily your contributions. Join our team! We get excited in helping our children, all children and the inner child of the past.




IBAN IT65 S030 3279 2310 1000 0684 789

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