In 2014 the TARANTULA RUBRA Association moves to Ostuni in the Puglia region and commences to put in place the project WE ARE THE CHILDREN.

This project stems from the belief that music is the best tool to interact with humans than any social and cultural extraction and it appeals to any age. Having previously worked with children at risk and after working for several years with vulnerable adults too, Anna Nacci believed it would be the right moment to rededicate this to the minors.

First of all the Italians, in order to give them the opportunity to know other realities, other cultures, other stories, but above all give them a contribution to strengthen the sense of solidarity and brotherhood; allowing this to be addressed to the children residing in the continent making them aware that Africa has always been exploited and abused.

Meanwhile the transmission of TARANTULA RUBRA is side-by-side with a new transmission that came to life in 2015, TARANTULA RUBRA FOR CHILDREN, whose aim is to introduce the radio listeners to the hopes and dreams of children having arrived on the Italian coasts; the transmission manages to awaken interest and consciences in those whom can transform the sterile numbers dictated by the mass media relating to migrants with their stories of passion and their feelings towards their babies and children who board in search of a future and salvation.



The project WE ARE THE CHILDREN took shape in September 2014 and the first steps approached the primary and secondary schools of Ostuni where we then introduced this to Accra in Ghana.

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The second step of the project WE ARE THE CHILDREN will begin in some of the schools in the province of Brindisi and then we will travel over to Nairobi in Kenya.

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The third step of the project WE ARE THE CHILDREN will be in KENYA again in March 2018.

Come and join us in KENYA !!!


In July 2023, we have gone in Kenya again, and we've worked with children and women of DEEP SEE, one of the slum in Nairobi. Let's have a look at our pictures.





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