The TARANTULA RUBRA Association is composed by members whom have different skills, strong passions and many interests; however there is a common thread which holds them together in their planning: Music and Solidarity.

The TARANTULA RUBRA Association was founded in Rome in 2006. The name is a pseudonym in which ANNA NACCI has lead the eponymous radio program since 1999 known as a socio-ethno-anthropological program; where musicians have come and gone with inviting diverse guests into the studios, discussing various topics drawn from several essays and field research.

Jesce Fore was an experimental project where Anna Nacci and her collaborators believe that Music can open a new chapter in the rehabilitative prison institutions. The experiment lasted a year, during which a workshop was held on a weekly basis in Rome jail, steeped with music and words, looks and emotions, laughter and pain. This went on for another year at Rebibbia Rome jail, as well as an extended journey at the prison of Ravenna after winning an announcement at the Coop Adriatica.




The result of a year work is recorded on a CD with the same courage and energy, with the collaboration of great artists who strongly believed in the project and whom have generously lent so much of their time, labs and recording studios.



After working with children "at risk" in the 90’s, and having strengthened their experiences in London with children at risk and vulnerable adults, Anna Nacci decided to return to work with children however this time at the international level, again using Music, to create solidarity, knowledge and growth.

It's 2014, so many human lives failed to reach the shores of hope, salvation and survival. For many children the dream of life is broken. It's time to design and bring forward WE ARE THE CHILDREN, it is time to create a link between Italian children and those in Africa, so as we may sow brotherhood in tomorrow's generations, believing that only by working with children you can cultivate the seeds of acceptance and peace for generations to come. It's time to recognise in children of others our children, and the inner child of the past that will remain within us forever.

Our amazingly challenged first project was held between Ostuni, Italy, and Ghana, Kenya, Greece. Now it is time to get organised for our fourth step, KENYA AGAIN!.



ANNA NACCI represents the volunteering team whom is also carrying out the next step of  WE ARE THE CHILDREN: She's a Counselor, a Sociologist, a musician and a writer.





Excellent Nigerian musician, he has been a teacher and the manager of Music Courses in several Lagos's schools. He organised concerts and musical competitions, directed orchestras and trained many musicians. Today Makola is an international musician playing all over the world, furthermore is a producer and a showman. He coordinated Italian musicians in Ghana and Kenya and managed musical workshops at the orphanages for WE ARE THE CHILDREN






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